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Revamp Your Skincare Routine with the Seasons: Expert Tips and Tricks!

Tree changing seasons.

So, you’ve created life-long summer memories. The summer sun has massaged your skin, hopefully bringing out a natural tan. Just in case you are still caught up in sun fun, consider this a friendly reminder: Autumn/winter is coming. And, when the weather changes, your skincare routine also needs to change. It’s time to revamp your skincare routine with the seasons change.

As autumn and winter approaches, lower humidity, harsh winds, and dry indoor heat also approach. These conditions draw moisture away from the skin and can lead to more dead skin cell buildup. So, yes. Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that’ll need changing this summer. But, hey. Me being me, I had to share some tips with you…

So, here they are. If you want to protect your skin this winter, keep reading…

1. More Hydration, More Hydration

Time goes quickly, so those chilly mornings will come sooner than we all think. When it’s colder, your skin is more likely to experience dryness, irritation, and redness. So, it’s a perfect time to stock up on your hydration-packed essentials. Moisture masks, lip balms, skin moisturizers, and body butter. You get the gist.

Winter dryness can affect your fingers, hands, neck, and body. According to Harvard Health, your skin may feel itchy and uncomfortable as well. So, it’s important to add extra hydration to your routine.

I recommend our Nourishing Body Butter

2. Add A Facial Mist to Your Routine

Dry skin is the main culprit during the autumn/winter seasons. And, when the sun was shining, you may have not prioritized applying a facial mist to your routine. Your moisturizer and SPF just about got the job done. But applying a facial mist for this seasonal change could be your answer to dry-free skin. Facial mists that contain hydrating ingredients like rose help balance your skin’s PH and provide extra moisture to your skin.

According to Jaimie Glick. M.D, a dermatologist at Marmur Medical Center, “humidifying mists may increase hydration levels with microdroplets of water that penetrate the areas between skin cells”.

Heather recommends: Hydrating Rose Mist

Flat lay of Rose Hydrating Mist

3. Prep Your Home

Ok – this one is not too tied in with your routine (well, a little anyway). During the colder seasons, humidity levels in your home tend to drop. The drier the air at home, the drier your skin. One way to maximize hydration at home and prevent dryness is by adding a humidifier to your decor. Yes, they look cool, but they infuse moisturizing properties into your home.

They’re like facial moisturizers but for your home. But please, ensure that the temperature is set at low or moderate. This will avoid excess dryness.

I recommend: Glass Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

4. Apply A Few Drops of Serum After Moisturizing

Serums are essential for your skin (no matter the season), but they become slightly more important as the season changes. According to Harvard Health, “serums are designed to sink into the skin quickly, delivering an intensive dose of ingredients that can address common skin complaints” – and this is true with dry/irritated skin as well.

The autumn/winter season makes your skin more prone to redness, dryness, and irritation. A serum that uses potent ingredients like Argan Oil, Carrot, and Rosehip will protect your skin from seasonal skin changes. For optimal use, apply a few drops of serum after moisturizing your skin.

To protect your skin this season change: Daily Repair Serum

Daily Repair Serum droplets

5. Bring A Lip Balm with You Everywhere

Your lips are one of the most delicate areas of your skin. So, when you’re commuting to work or chilling at home, you can notice your lips getting chapped, flaky, and dry. This happens because your lips don’t have oil glands (meaning they can’t produce their own moisture). Your role as the skincare enthusiast? Ensure that you’re bringing a lip balm with you everywhere.

You’ll be able to prevent chapped lips. Plus, flaky pouts with those glamorous-red holiday lips aren’t the best duo.

Lip moisture provided anywhere; Heather suggests: Global Garden’s Olive Lip Balm

6. Apply Hydrating Face Masks (take home pampering more seriously)

Wow – it’s a match made in heaven. Blustery winds, cold weather, and needing to double-layer when you’re outside. But the dynamics change when you’re at home. You can turn on your Home Diffuser (to prevent air dryness), sip on your favorite tea, and pamper your skin. As the cold weather causes skin/irritated skin, home is where you can change it.

My favorite go-to for a home pampering session is the Rose Glow Face Mask. It gently exfoliates your skin and provides it with antioxidants like Rosehip, Cranberry, and Bamboo (used for centuries for their skin rejuvenating benefits)

So, sip on your favorite hot beverage, apply the Rose Glow Face Mask, and heal your skin as the season change inevitably draws closer.

Final Thoughts

The importance of adjusting your skincare routine for seasonal change is overlooked. But, when we transition from summer to colder temperatures, our skin can be more prone to dryness, irritation, and redness. It’s important to cater to your skin (both inside and out) and tackle all possible conditions.

XOXO, Heather Grace

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