Practical Ways To Build Your Self-Confidence (and the HUGE impact it'll have on your life)

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“Self-confidence is a super-power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening” – Anonymous

One of the things that holds a lot of us back (myself included) is the lack of self-confidence we have to overcome our fears. We are presented with fears and challenges on a daily basis. To prevail and battle them, some degree of self-confidence is needed.

Don’t feel alone… According to nbcnews, 85% of all people suffer from low self-esteem. Consider this large percentage. There should be a few techniques to be a part of the minority, right?

Well, I’ve got brilliant news for you. Without blaming your “genetics”, you can now take control of your life. Improving your self-image and escalating your confidence.

By working on your self-confidence and self-esteem, you’ll come out on top against any fear. I’ve even implemented some of these techniques and they have helped me a ton.

Before I dive in, here is WHY self-confidence is important:

  • You’ll be open to try new things: Trying new things outside the norm is out of your comfort zone. Believing in yourself will make you tackle new things with resilience.
  • Better performance: With low self-confidence, you worry that you’re not good enough. When dynamics change, you’ll be confident to complete anything. Devoting your energy to your efforts, stimulating performance.
  • You’ll feel happier: It’s proven. Confident people tend to be more satisfied and happier with their lives.
  • Influence others: You’ll be vibrating all your confident and positive energy to others. It’s the type of energy professionals and people adore.
  • Improved relationships: With great self-confidence comes better engagement. You’ll enjoy better interactions with family members, friends and colleagues. All your positivity will be evident to them as well.

Here are the practical tips: (in no particular order)

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There’s a quote I admire – “A flower does not think of the competing flower next to it, It just blooms” – Zen Shin

Whether you’re comparing yourself at work, or on social media, comparisons aren’t healthy. Matter in fact, research showed that Facebook users who envy on others experience lower self-esteem and life satisfaction.

The research is only for Facebook users, but the same principle applies in your life. The more envy you experience, the worse you tend to feel about yourself.

There should only be one competition. The person you were yesterday, to the person who you are today.

Focus On Solutions, Not Problems

Focusing on problems can be easy. Flipping the problem and finding a solution is more difficult, but I promise the shift is worth it. When you make the shift (because you’ll make it), you’ll notice how easily your outlook changes.

Instead of telling yourself “I can’t handle this problem” , breathe in and say “Ok, all I have to do is try”. A small change in phrase, a huge return of positivity.

When you focus on solutions, you can overcome self-doubt and take on new challenges.

Set Yourself Small Goals & Smash Them

You may see people set themselves ridiculous (that don’t follow the S.M.A.R.T concept) goals, but when they fail, they get discouraged. Discourage can result into lower self-esteem.

Instead of setting yourself bigger goals. Set yourself a goal that you know you can achieve. When you set it, achieve it. Make sure you write the goal down, as you’ll feel better about yourself.

It’ll soon become a norm. You set yourself small goals and you effortlessly tackle them. Soon, you’ll be reaching for the moon, setting yourself bigger (but achievable) goals.


The four lettered powerword. It may seem easy, but many people still neglect this superpower. When you walk around with a smile, you instantly feel better about yourself. When you smile, you’re more inclined to be kind to others as well. The kindness will shine and your self-esteem will follow.

It’s such a tiny thing, but it has amazing returns. Walk around with a smile. Let it shine and enhance your self-confidence.

Break A Sweat

As you may already know, I love my exercise. I mention the importance of it in every blog post (well, most of them) and there’s a reason behind it. When you begin to exercise, you’ll notice the physical benefits transitioning into other areas of your life. You’ll feel more happy, confident and fulfilled.

In a 2016 research, they mentioned the importance of exercise. Mentioning the direct correlation between exercise and self-confidence. When you exercise, you’re improving your body image. A better body image results into better confidence.

Don’t forget. Exercise is important, but so is nutrition and sleep.

Pamper Your Skin

Self-esteem happens from the inside, but you can boost it from the outside. Quite like exercise (helping with body image), a skincare routine helps you build confidence in your own skin. When you walk around with a glow, you automatically feel more confident about yourself.

When pampering your skin, you’re more likely to develop healthy habits. Exercise, eating healthy, starting to meditate. A few examples that enhance confidence.

Gently cleanse your skin, apply a hydrating mist and then remove blemishes with the Blemish Repair Serum. Don’t forget your suncare. Warm summer mornings are getting close.

Do 1 Thing That Scares You (every day)

I’m going to finish of here and I’m setting you a challenge. Do 1 thing that scares you (every single day)

When you do things that that scare you, you’re pushing past your boundaries. You’re doing things that “seemed impossible”. When you challenge yourself, you’re building your self-confidence and self-esteem.

You don’t know what you’re really capable of doing.

Final Thoughts:

We all struggle with lacked self-confidence. It’s natural. Lucky for you, there are small changes you can tool to turn things over. From transforming problems to solutions, to improving your body/skin image.

With good change, you can build your self-confidence. Impacting your relationships and performance.

Here’s to positive change.

xo, Heather Grace

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Model: Summer Davies