Power of carrot oil for your skin

Carrot Oil for Skin: Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Skin Radiance, and more


We all know this vegetable from that common saying… “Eat your carrots, and you’ll see in the dark” – Your parents probably told you this. But applying carrot extract on your skin? Well, that’s not as common…

Yet it should be. Apart from carrots supposedly helping your vision and being a perfect addition to your winter soups – carrot (or carrot oil) has a wide range of skin benefits as well.

But before all the juicy benefits, here’s some brief history behind the extract:

As the name suggests, Carrot Oil is derived from the Daucus Carota Botanical. Or, commonly known as the ‘Carrot’. It’s been used for quite some time in dermatology/health. The extract originated in the time of the ancient French, Romans, Egyptians and Greek. It was commonly used to soothe inflammation and help with indigestion.

Carrot Oil was also commonly combined with Bergamot and Lemon (two other powerful herbs) to address similar issues. So, yes… People have been reaping the benefits for centuries and centuries.

Skin Benefits of Carrot Oil:

If you’re chasing them “Omg, how do you look so young?” complements, Carrot Oil may just be your answer. The extract is rich in beta carotene, an antioxidant that is packed with anti-aging properties. This same antioxidant gives carrots their bright color.

It won’t give you the same orange complexion (haha, imagine), it just helps to brighten, clear and bring out your youthful skin.

In fact, a study analyzed this powerhouse ingredient’s properties and suggested that it may be used as a rejuvenator for ageing skin (wrinkles, fine lines etc)

Can Help Heal Dry Skin
Ok… winter is just around the corner. And, you know the problems with winter. When it’s cold outside, there’s minimal moisture in the air, meaning that your skin fails to absorb as much (as it would in the summer seasons). So, when it’s cold, you’re more likely to experience skin dryness.

This is something that Carrot Oil (when used appropriately) can help treat. Carrot Oil works so well for dry skin, as it’s rich in Pro-Vitamin A – a vitamin that helps you maintain youthful and well-moisturized skin.

If you’re experiencing dry and scaly skin, it could be a sign that you’re deficient in Vitamin A. Applying a serum like the Daily Repair Serum, or a cream (that’s rich in Carrot Oil) like the Antioxidant Hydrating Creme could be your ‘holy grails’ for well-protected skin this winter.

Brings Out Your Radiant Glow
The benefits just keep on coming, don’t they? Here’s another one… Carrot Oil (when applied to your skin) can help reproduce your cells, helping you bring out that youthful and radiant glow. You know the glow that’ll make you hear compliments like “omg, how do you get your skin SO good?”. Well, yes. Carrot Oil could be the answer.

It’s because Carrot Oil is rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin A, which both help to reproduce skin cells quicker (and more efficiently).

Picture this, Carrot Oil wearing away all your old skin cells, and replacing them with more vibrant and healthier skin cells. This is the process the extract handles. After a few applications, you’ll notice yourself feeling and looking younger.

Clear Skin Smile Natural Glow Picture
We’ve talked about Pro-Vitamin A, the beta-carotene, but Carrot Oil is also rich in Vitamin E – an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

According to a study from Oregon State University, Vitamin E is an essential extract for healthy skin. The extract can help ease most cases of sunburn, dry skin, and some acne.

The best way to experience these anti-inflammatory benefits? Well… I recommended our Antioxidant Hydrating Cream. It’s rich in Carrot Oil (alongside many other natural extracts) and is the perfect way to hydrate, rejuvenate and protect your skin.

Possibly Can Help Lighten Acne Scars
Having acne itself is a nightmare, but the acne scarring after your acne clears can be even worse. This is because it takes more time (and effort) to remove your scaring. Luckily for you, Carrot Oil can speed up this process and clear up your acne scars.

How? Carrot Oil is rich in Vitamins C & A, which are both known for their lightening benefits. If you regularly apply a product like the Daily Repair Serum, you’ll be transferring all these vitamins directly to your skin. Of course, it’s not instant (that would be dreamy, wouldn’t it?), but after time, Carrot Oil is perfect for helping with the look fading scars over time.

It’s also much better than other options, as it doesn’t bleach your skin. If you’re looking to fade your acne scars (the natural and good way), applying a product that’s rich in Carrot Oil could be your answer.

You’ll find Carrot Oil in our Antioxidant Hydrating Cream and our Daily Repair Serum. Both products can be used (day and night) to provide your skin with this extract and reap ultimate benefits – the same ones that you read above.

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Heather Grace