Our Story


Skincare that merges nature and science for an outstanding outcome! Skincare products are everywhere, but their origins and the core values of a brand are the true essence that separates a good brand from one that is average. That is the true essence of this collection of products.

Heather Grace Skincare comes from a place of rebirth and empowerment! It comes from a place of transformation triggered by insecurities and endless challenges. It also comes from the need to do something extraordinary, so it is also an inspiring journey that is instilled in the brand.

Combining cosmetic chemistry and natural formulation for a truly unique skincare experience! The Heather Grace Face Care and Body Care collections are meticulously prepared to ensure that all ingredients are mixed with ideal quantities to guarantee the best results. This optimal balance of science and nature gives way to a very powerful, yet smooth and caressing experience with every product in the collection.

Most ingredients used for this collection are COSMOS, EcoCert, and Whole foods approved! There is a misconception that all synthetic products are bad for your skin and that all natural products are good. This is why Heather Grace Skincare was born out of the need to conduct deeper research and achieve an optimal merge of nature and science for the best results.

Combining Passion & Experience

This is skincare that comes from someone who struggled with her appearance her whole life! I am on a quest to help women of all ages look better and feel better. This has become the ultimate quest for people of all ages, to feel as good as they can and to look just as good as they feel. My line of skincare products is rooted in the life of a young girl with too many freckles, the laughter from others and the insecurities that came with them. My goal is to highlight, not to conceal, to rejuvenate, not to cover up. 

After leaving a corporate career, I immersed myself in becoming educated in the field of cosmetology, natural formulation and cosmetic chemistry - My intimacy in the field has allowed me to research and develop the luxurious and unique array of products perfect for your skin.

Creating Beauty


Heather Grace Skincare believes that beauty should be made without cruelty - Even though we use actives to combine natural and science-based skincare; We have still ensured that our products are formulated in a cruelty-free way and free from harmful toxins and potential-aggravating ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

We’re on a journey to allow you to enhance the beauty, which you already possess, with products which are specifically formulated for your skin, and it’s desires.

Our Promise

We promise to strive for supreme product quality, all whilst remaining environmentally conscious and providing you with flawlessly formulated products (Ones that you can tell the whole family about) .

P.S - We are truly hoping that you love our products as much as we do (That’s an immense amount by the way), and please, don’t forget to recycle the packaging and bottles when you’ve made the most out of them!

Much love, Heather Grace

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