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On-the-Go Travel Set


If you’re the individual who travels a lot, and loves their skincare routine; You know how imperative it is for you to take your skincare routine with you. This is what we have brought with our Face Care Travel Set - It includes four essential products which cannot be left behind, while you’re commuting. Delicately packed in a light-weight travel bag, and ready for your travelling. Flawless for treating yourself, flawless for giving to a loved one; You make the pick!

Each set includes:

2 oz. Pumpkin Enzyme Cleanser OR 2 oz. Chamomile Rose Cleanser - Ensuring your skin is kept cleansed on the go. 

1 oz. Rosie Glow Face Mask + Scrub - Exfoliating, but also providing your skin with
essential vitamins and minerals.

2 oz. Hydrating Mist - Balances your skin’s PH and removes traces of left over dirt and
makeup. A true essential.

1 oz. Serum - Protect, hydrate and even your skin tone. It’s like an antioxidant rich smoothie just for your skin.

Plus a light weight travel bag - Keeps your essentials organized, and allows you to bring your skincare wherever you go! What’s even more enhancing? You’re able to customize your travel set to suit your skin type. Please see the options below, and choose a Hydrating Mist and Serum which you would like, and two which suit your skin type.

Need a gift? These sets make beautiful gifts as well!

Note: These products come in recyclable plastic for easy travel.

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