Why Choose Heather Grace Skincare?

Why Choose Heather Grace Skincare (over the thousands of skincare brands available)?

I often get asked, what makes you different from the 1052+ skincare brands out there (there's probably way more). When I first started this brand, I already knew the answers to this question. I knew that people wanted to follow a skincare routine that is both simple, yet very effective. I just had to look for ways to achieve this that's more unique than ever seen.

You see hundreds & hundreds of skincare messages EVERY day. Why should you choose Heather Grace Skincare over all these brands available? 

With some planning, I've created a small list. Let's dive in...

Heather Grace Skincare Products

I Adore Animals

My life is simple. When I see an animal (especially my dog) I instantly have a smile on my face. Like us humans, animals make the world go around. They protect us, they share their affection with us and they help protect our environment.

"Why does the loving of animals result in natural & effective skincare?" - My love for animals has inspired me to create products in a cruelty-free way. Unlike many other brands, we don't test our ingredients with animals.

Brands such as Aveeno, CeraVe and Ivory still test their products on animals. Here's a full list of companies that test on animals.

Testing on animals is unethical, expensive and dangerous. According to 2019 research , 90% of drug trials in humans fail, even though they've been successfully tested on animals.

Experience In Cosmetology Resulting In A HUGE Breakthrough 

Before starting Heather Grace Skincare, I was working in the field of cosmetology. Studying human skin hair and nails.

My experience in cosmetology allowed me to create the array of products you're seeing today. I was exposed to different teachings, products and treatments surrounding the human skin, hair and nails.

Knowing myself, I was more interested in the skin sides of things. This interest forced me into learning more. How does the skin work, which ingredients help with anti-ageing, the best treatments to bring you a youthful glow (you get the idea)

Then it happened... all my experiences transferred to Heather Grace Skincare. Allowing me to find the perfect balance between nature and science.

Heather Grace Skincare Pumpkin Enzyme Cleanser

Ingredients That Nourish Your Skin

For my products, I use natural ingredients that help heal and nourish your skin. With scientific backing as well.

Some ingredients I LOVE using:

Sweet Almond Oil - Helps treat dry skin, and improves your skin complexion.

Lemongrass EO - Packed with antioxidants, providing your skin with a youthful glow.

Rosehip Seed Oil - Packed with vitamin C helping to heal dry skin and balances your moisture.

Carrot Extract - Rich in Vitamin A. Protective and moisturizing qualities.

I love using some ingredients, but there are also chemicals that I stay away from. Chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates worsen your skin problems. Making breakouts more frequent.

Products Approved By ALL the Big Names

Another thing differentiating Heather Grace SkinCare from other skincare brands. I can proudly say that the majority of our ingredients are Wholefoods, Ecocert or COSMOS approved.

This roots from the unique formulation of our products. I handcraft the products and ensure that all standards are being met.

Here are their missions:

Ecocert - Striving for a sustainable world.

COSMOS - Setting the standard for organic and natural cosmetics. 40,000+ products and ingredients carry this signature.

Wholefoods - Nourishing people and the planet.

Link to Ecocert Website: Ecocert

Link to COSMOS Website: COSMOS

My Final Say:

The above-mentioned points are important, but there's one mission that I'm achieving.
A mission to produce the best high-quality and natural skincare products. Ones that'll make all your friends say, "Wow, how do you look so young?"
Handcrafting skincare for hundreds of people, I can say that I'm getting closer. Promoting skin confidence and happiness.
P.S - You can always ask me questions about my products. Don't be hesitant.

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