Meet Our New Scents

Meet Our New Scents

We have been busy launching new products and scents and I am thrilled  to introduce you to two of our latest! Meet Grace and Bergamot + Grapefruit.

Grace is our signature scent created by Heather Grace. This customer favorite can be compared to a beautiful floral bouquet of red and white roses, lilac, geranium and a touch a exotic plumeria. This gorgeous fragrance is light and feminine.

Bergamot + Grapefruit is sure to be another new bestseller with a fresh, clean, and crisp scent. Bergamot has the bright sunniness typical of citrus but with a unique floral and spicy edge. When paired with grapefruit and tropical nuances, this scent is incredibly energizing and refreshing. 

It's top notes are of bergamot with middle notes of citrus, and bottom notes of tropical fruit.


These scents can be found in our Coconut + Olive Oil Body Lotion, Nourishing Body Butter, Sugar Body Scrub, and Moisturizing Liquid Body Wash.

We will be phasing out the Blood Orange and the Orange Blossom scents so grab them while you can! 

New Products

We are just about ready to release our new Chamomile Rose Face Cleanser. This cleanser gently whisks away makeup, dirt & unwanted oils, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Photos and a full description will be released by Thanksgiving. 

In addition, we are working on an eye cream with actives such as caffeine and niacinamide, which studies have proven to help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles and puffiness. We can't wait to share this with you! 

I'm always here if you would like to chat, have questions, or just want to say hello.

Much love, xo

Heather Grace

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