How to Treat Hyperpigmentation at Home


How to Treat Hyperpigmentation at Home

So many women struggle with dark spots left behind from melasma, aging, acne scars, or years of too much sun exposure (I’m no stranger to this from growing up in the California sunshine!). While more clinical measures like laser therapy and microneedling may be effective, there are also so many natural, non-invasive remedies you can use right at home.

Tip #1: Start by Exfoliating

Regular skin exfoliation will help to remove the dead skin and allow your skin care products to be more effective. This can be done with a good exfoliating scrub or through at-home dermaplaning. Haven’t tried dermaplaning yet?! It’s an incredibly effective way to remove the top layer of skin (along with your peach fuzz). We recommend starting with these inexpensive razors. Post exfoliation is a great time to apply a hydrating serum, like our Antioxidant Hydrating Fluid.

Tip #2: Hydrate!

Dehydration can have an aging effect on our skin and play a big role in making an already uneven skin tone even worse. Be sure to stay hydrated with at least 8 glasses of water per day and a diet that contains water rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to add an extra layer of hydration to your face as well, through moisturizing.

Tip #3: Use a High Quality Serum

Using a daily serum that is packed with healing, antioxidant rich ingredients will help brighten and tighten the skin, being one of the best things you can do for your skin for battling hyperpigmentation. Our Daily Repair Serum is perfect for this. It contains Rosehip Seed Oil, which is packed with Vitamin C to help lower inflammation, protect your skin from free radicals, and even out your skin tone as well as Argan Oil which is high in Vitamin E and helps to fade scarring and dark spots while moisturizing.

Tip #4: Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and More Sunscreen

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use a quality sunscreen! Hyperpigmentation is exacerbated by UV rays so layering on the sunscreen every single day is key to minimizing it and avoiding it’s return. Be picky when choosing the right brand though. We’re all about clean products here so be sure to choose a sunscreen that is both effective and safe. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a great list of brands that meets their standards here.

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